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Live Webinar

Illicit Communities in 2022: Key Trends to Monitor for Illicit Communities on the Dark Web, Telegram, and Clear Web.


Thursday, October 13, 2022 | 11AM EST


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The nature of illicit communities is changing. Malicious actors are increasingly spending time on instant messaging platforms such as Telegram and Discord, rather than the more traditional dark web marketplaces. Join Flare Threat Intelligence Specialist Barrett Reader as he explores key trends related to illicit communities in 2022, including how threat actors are conducting business, how the dark web is changing, and what communities threat intelligence specialists should be focused on. Attendees will leave with:


- Valuable insight into the state of illicit communities moving into 2023
- Key changes occurring across dark web marketplaces & other illicit communities
- Detailed guidance on key marketplaces & channels that threat intelligence teams need to be monitoring
- Why Telegram and other deep/clear web channels may be some of the most important areas to monitor for cyber risk in 2023

Learn from an industry expert

Join Barrett Reader during this webinar to dive into illicit communities on the darkweb.

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Barrett Reader