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8 Passive OSINT Methods for Profiling Cyber Criminals on the Dark Web


Wednesday, July 20, 2022 | 11AM EST


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Join Flare's Dark Web Threat Intelligence Team for a workshop on how Security Teams, CISO’s, and Fraud Analysts can effectively profile cybercriminals on the Dark Web.

We’ll be covering how you can:

  1. Utilize usernames, writing styles and typos to track malicious actors across marketplaces & sources
  • Profile cybercriminals to better understand threats to your organization and patterns in malicious actor activity
  • Correlate cryptocurrency addresses and transactions with specific actors
  1. Understand distinctions between different illicit communities & which ones you should focus on monitoring.


Attendees will leave with a good understanding of the Dark Web fraud & crime ecosystem, as well as knowledge on how they can leverage key OSINT techniques to track malicious actors and events. 



Learn from an industry expert

Join one of Flare's Dark Web Threat Intelligence Specialists for a lively discussion on how you can effectively profile and track cyber-criminals across the dark web.